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The workshop provides a powerful tool that turns even the most difficult personal challenges into manageable and solvable ones: it guarantees to turn negatives into positives. Our motivational speaker will demonstrate how practically, and systematically, Compassion, the source of endless positive qualities like courage, generosity, resourcefulness and perseverance will dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life and well-being. Our team believes in an integrated way of life where the whole is made of the parts. Good emotional and physical health affects our professional lives and vice versa.


  • Get endless energy
  • Realize full potential and self-actualization
  • Achieve and exceed personal goals
  • Get along better with others
  • Build greater self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Overcome fear and procrastination
  • Break bad habits
  • Find passion and excitement again
  • Manage temper and anger



  • Breathtaking; and amazingly motivational
  • Honest and fluid conversations and interactions
  • Purposeful and ground-breaking approach
  • Forward-looking and pragmatic steps
  • Customizable solutions per person
  • Liberating in simplicity and effectiveness



Any person who is serious about making a change-for-the-better move in her or his life.


  • Option 1 (Crash time): 50 minutes
  • Option 2 (Interactive session): 3 hours. This option includes a 20-minute coffee break with cold snacks and hot and cold beverages


The workshop can be organized only once, or on weekly or monthly basis

Venue, Date and Time

To be confirmed


  1. Definitions
  2. Our Promise
  3. Challenges
  4. Origins of Challenges
  5. Our Solution
  6. Your Benefits
    • “Ground-zero” benefits
    • “First ripple” benefits
    • “Second ripple” benefits
  1. Real-life Applications
    • Case studies
    • Our proprietary life model
    • The 12-step Program



  • We focus on what’s right for participants as individuals or groups
  • We provide coaching on areas we believe are of positive use to people
  • The Galaxy Life Model is a series of powerful features, exercises and structures that will lead people to improve their well-being and Life/Work balance.



The event will address issues that are of importance to men and women. The speaker will engage and interact with the audience who, in turn will actively participate and leave with high morale and a visual understanding of how to solve challenges they face every day at home and work

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