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Crisis Prevention and Management

Crisis Prevention and Management

Salt is a unique strategic advisory firm dedicated to safeguarding and advancing your most valuable assets — your reputation and personal image and brand.

Our expertise and insights enable us to assess your position using data-driven metrics and then to intuitively help you calculate your next move and the most beneficial path forward.

Salt’s outstanding group of senior-level advisors serves as confidantes and trusted counselors to leaders and influencers in government, corporate, entertainment and society. We are known for our honesty, integrity and discretion, quality work product and success rate. Salt aims to deliver all the necessary knowledge and expertise through team-building conferences.

Crisis Prevention

We deploy our extensive experience in risk-avoidance and risk-assessment to help our clients prevent and enhance their readiness and resilience for possible crisis situations. Salt leverages a wide scope of resources to ensure our customers are prepared for the various challenges they might encounter in the future. Some of our services include:

  • Uncertainty, risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Containment strategy
  • Pre-emptive crisis planning
  • Alliances and coalitions
  • Reputation assessment
  • Media relations management
  • Communications audit
  • Digital strategy development
  • Interim management and executive transition

Crisis Management

We manage complicated reputational risks and far-reaching crises for businesses and high net worth individuals in Asia.

  • Crisis Response 24/7
  • Message development
  • Communications
  • Continuous reputation damage assessment
  • Monitoring and analytics real-time
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Pro-active measures and tactical steps
  • Media relations
  • Public opinion influence
  • Digital strategy


  • Reputation recovery and management
  • Strategic counselling
  • Strategic intelligence


Public Affairs

Utilizing the extensive public affairs experience of our seasoned counselors, we create tailored and integrated campaigns and corporate events for our clients that inform and persuade targeted audiences. We utilize a multi-platform approach, including research; foresight, gap and mapping analyses to create successful solutions for our clients.

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