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Dear Reader,

As a motivational speaker, my promise to you is an endless amount of energy.

As far as I’m concerned, true “Living” = “Experiencing”. Life is all about “Learning” + “Growing”… genuinely and organically. That’s what makes life fulfilling for me.

We all face daily challenges. Many people feel stuck in a vicious cycle, smothered, confused or undecided about how to navigate the future. Others complain about a lack of self-confidence, fear and procrastination. The rest worry about their career prospects.

Every day, circumstances and challenges prevent us from fulfilling our destinies. Some difficulties are due to our physical, emotional or mental states, while others are due to outside influences like peer pressure.

I can provide you with a single tool that will turn any situation around. An awesome and powerful tool. One that will enable you to dig deep inside yourself and channel seven amazingly empowering qualities. They will change the way you look at yourself, others and your life as a whole.

Surprise yourself with the hidden and innate strengths you have buried deep inside… and receive their gratifying rewards. Life is so much better when you’re truly living it. Always remember that the negatives in our lives do NOT define our whole existence. We are so much MORE than that. All of us…You, me and everyone else have an UNLIMITED potential. The trick is knowing how to extract it.

My life model is literally breathtaking and incredibly empowering. It is rooted in actual experiences, honed to perfection and supported by facts and proofs. I implore you to become as majestic and unstoppable as a Galaxy; proactive, dynamic, resilient, confident and invincible. In short, CHARISMATIC.

Life has its ups and down. The secret is to have the right tools to turn the negatives into positives. And this is exactly where the Galaxy Model makes all the difference. It’s relevant and comprehensive. It will trigger a change in you…THAT change which you’ve always yearned for.

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Workshops and Seminars

  • Keynote speaker at the Middle East Leisure Summit (summer 2006), organized by Terrapinn, (U.K.) and attended by CEOs of prominent businesses in Tourism and Real Estate in West and South Asia.
  • Train the Trainer workshop, Dubai 2005.
  • Business Writing Skills seminar, Beirut 2003.
  • Recognition letter from the government of Umm Al Qawain Investment Promotion Authority 2005.


J. Wilks
Director, Events – Reed Exhibitions (U.K.) – Organizers of “Excellence Award in Marketing Campaigns”.

“… The winning campaign was the one that went beyond technical professionalism – it has succeeded in reaching out and touching the hearts and minds of the target audience.”

Communications Director – OXO (U.S. Multinational).

“…Overall I think the strategy proposed by the consultant to launch our products in the regional market was brilliant. Good luck for the future!”.

D. Khalil
Managing Partner – Paragon Business.

“… The consultant’s solutions were meticulously written, well-documented and thoroughly analyzed. They demonstrated intelligent knowledge of economic and manufacturing and engineering concepts”.

N. Shoucair
CEO – Patchi Industrial Company.

“… In addition to their skills in restructuring our sales, costing and pricing, the advisor streamlined our production processes. It was our pleasure having them part of our team”.

H. Hauser
Consul General Swiss Embassy

“… I would like to congratulate the consultant …for the Best Event Award and felicitate their efforts and innovative ideas”.

H. Shegefti
Sales And Marketing Director – Sheen International LLC.

“… The performance of the advisor was outstanding. He has demonstrated clever foresight and re-built our brand from scratch without any delays and with consistent high quality”.

W. Khater
CEO, Bonjus Dairy, Beverages And Juices.

“… The professionalism and expertise enjoyed by the advisor causes us to mention its ability to find practical solutions to the problems and timely disposal of production inefficiencies that we faced in the past”.

P. Laurie
Conference Manager – Terrapinn Ltd. (U.K.) – Organizers of the Leisure Investment World Summit.

“… I am delighted you agreed to give a 15 minute presentation and then to participate in an informal 15 minute question and answer session with the other speakers”.

T. Hana CEO – Park Resorts.

“…Our advisor played a major role in developing and establishing a new image for our venues… I would further certify that he is an invaluable asset in a place where untiring enthusiasm and active intelligence are called for…They spared no effort to justify the trust one would place in them”.

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