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As a leading Dubai life coach business, our aim is to do one thing only: implement the changes you need to achieve a personal goal. Most people want to stop anxiety, stress and over-thinking while others complain about fear and procrastination, and the rest seek for ways to boost self-confidence and assertiveness. Salt’s best life coaches in Dubai suggest a simple way:

First, do the next one right thing that’s for the common good even if it seems at your expense and secondly, get your priorities straight and move forward one step at a time.

By doing the right thing, within the circumstances and regardless of the cost, you dig deeper within yourself and allow your positive qualities (such as resourcefulness and persistence and so on) to come out.

When you commit to reaching one milestone after the other (without overwhelming yourself with details), you ensure you’re always consistent, realistic and purposeful. By looking forward (not over your shoulder) and by growing organically (not artificially), you’ll feel good about yourself and uncover new opportunities that keep you optimistic and energized, no matter what.

Compassion is the one and only thing that glues this process together and makes it possible. It’s the most beneficial and decisive quality you will need and is relevant on four levels:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Cost
  • Energy

On an internal level, compassion affects your physical and mental health, appearance and spirituality, Externally, it impacts your family and social lives, career path and relationship-building. Over the longer term, compassion reduces the monetary and energy reserves required to achieve your goals.

Salt’s team believes in an integrated way of life where the whole is made of the parts. Good emotional and physical health affects your professional life and vice versa.

Our life coaching courses in Dubai will help you fill any areas where you feel you are lacking. As your personal life coach in Dubai, we promise to positively validate you and never to judge.

Salt Life Coaching promises you the following results:

  1. Endless energy
  2. Realise your potential
  3. Achieve and exceed personal goals
  4. Get along better with others
  5. Greater self-confidence and assertiveness
  6. Overcome fears and procrastination
  7. Break bad habits
  8. Find passion and excitement again
  9. Anger management

As one of the best life coaches in Dubai, our stress management techniques and stress management sessions in Dubai are provided along with anger management training in Dubai, anger management treatment, anger management classes in Dubai and anger management sessions in Dubai to alleviate your worries, stop stress and its symptoms and improve your well-being and quality of life.

As your life coach we will always suggest or refer you to highly professional service providers in different fields such as personal branding and image, reputation management and so on.


When I first approached Salt Life Coaching, I firmly stated that I wanted to only focus on finding a career. I did not realize that the behavior that affected my professional life were the exact effects on my personal life. This Dubai coach experience was truly phenomenal provided at the best price” – Malia M.


“As a result of the coaching I got with Salt Life, I have been able to become more organized, with a positive outlook, seriously cut down my alcohol intake and exercise more. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. Thank you to this life coaching I was truly satisfied with myself.” – Nouman J.


When I began working with Salt Life Coaching, I had been challenged with immense stress issues that affected my entire practical life. The stress management course helped me so much! – Caroline F.


Working with Salt Life Coaching allowed me to turn a blurry idea into a clear, concise personal growth plan. I was having issues on how to stop my anxiety and over-thinking which affected my personal life. Salt Life coaching truly brought a huge change with its stress management course. Today I am much organized and stress-free than before. – Jasmine

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The 12-step Life Coaching Program

1. Compassion

  • Discover this key source of positivity.
  • Can trigger a chain of events.
  • Encourages emotional and financial investment

2. Faith

  • Have blind trust in yourself.
  • Have blind trust in God: He is Right, you must understand Him.
  • Encourages emotional and financial investment

3. Prayer

  • Ask for one thing at a time.

4. Listening

  • Opens up worlds of opportunities

5. Clarity

  • Consistent genuineness ensures credibility, purpose and reciprocation on the short and long terms

6. Energy

  • Allows the achievement of specific goals at key times.

7. Trade-off

  • Sacrifice one thing to gain another that’s more relevant and meaningful to reach the end-goal.

8. Openness

  • Nurture resourcefulness and ingenuity.

9. Present

  • Live each day to the best of your abilities to help define the shape of your tomorrow.

10. Silence

  • Humility in both the high and the low times allows you to redeem yourself at specific times and places.

11. Compassion

  • Forward-1: Do the next one right thing for the common good.
  • Realize detachment and keep expectations at a minimum.

12. Self-actualization

  • Unlocks your full potential.
  • Liberates insights and capabilities.
  • Allows you time to take it all in and think strategically.
  • Provides energy, time and the capacity to nurture relationships with other people and God.

Case Study

Professional Life Coaching

I am proud of my protégés who have gone on to excel. Kamar, a chief security officer at a shopping mall is just one example. He was a hard-working and decent man who had back injuries that limited his career options.

I recruited and trained him to control and lead a team of 39 guards from 8 nationalities. However, this was not his only challenge, as the team was riddled with cultural differences, conflicts of interests, complacency and fierce inter-personal rivalries.

I developed Kamar’s managerial skills in sales and customer service and encouraged him to boost his qualifications by enrolling an online U.S. program to become a certified security professional.


It took Kamar two years to earn his degree and soon after, he resigned his position with the mall. He then went on to become regional sales manager at Tolin, a leading brand in security equipment, for three countries. Kamar‘s career exploded that moment on and he has since become the personal security officer to a member of Gulf royalty.

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