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Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach in Dubai

We began involving ourselves in wellness coach services due to the belief that a healthy mind needs a healthy body: your personal and professional lives are directly affected by any mental, emotional or physical concerns.

Health Coaching

While not personal trainers or certified fitness trainers; over the last two decades our coaches have accumulated extensive experience in exercise, dieting, injury prevention and treatment.

Through years of trial-and-error, continuous self-education and active lifestyles, we’ve learned a lot about proper training, dieting and weight-loss programs.

As your wellness coach we promise to positively validate you and never to judge.

Learning from our mistakes

Our wellness coach in Dubai started to really listen to what his body was telling him about its limits and stopped forcing them. Instead he began to gradually but carefully extend his capabilities. Through years of trial-and-error,  he’d learned a lot about proper dieting and weight-loss programs.

As your wellness coach, we promise to positively validate you and never to judge.

We understand that each person has different nutritional needs and a unique metabolism. As a result, each individual respond differently to the same fitness program. However, there a few basics I’ve learned that are universal truths.

  • Static and dynamic stretching
  • Posture correction
  • Weight training and injury prevention
  • Running techniques
  • Swimming techniques
  • Endurance training (cardio-vascular exercises)
  • Dieting and nutrition
  • Injury prevention

Our wellness coach in Dubai or health coach in Dubai can recognize when you require a more serious clinical of fitness expertise and will immediately refer you to suitable specialists.

Spinal Health and Good Posture

Customized Training Programs (For Scoliosis, Cyphosis etc.)

If you have any deformity in your spinal curve (i.e. Scoliosis, Cyphosis etc.), and you have continuous pain, limited mobility, and poor posture; and your self-confidence is deteriorating because of that, we can help you restore mobility, flexibility and good posture within the span of a few months.

Our customized training program will help you improve your quality of life beyond recognition.

Call us now if you’re living in the UAE or in the GCC.

Case study: Restoring Good Posture and Spine Mobility

Here’s an example of how my innovative thinking and experience in fitness and expertise in martial arts helped a friend of mine who has a deformity in the spine change his life:

Physical Challenges

My friend had a 10-degree (mild) scoliosis of the dorsal spine curve which was worsening by 1 to 2 degrees a year. By 2006, despite his doctors’ recommendations of physical training and swimming, the curvature of his spine had exceeded 20-degrees. This further deformed his posture and brought with it dagger-like pains under the left side of his shoulder. His back felt as heavy as a lump of steel and as tight as a shell. This drained his energy reserves and severely impacted his sleep.

Training Regimen

Relying on my common sense and skills in martial arts, I came up with a training regimen that I felt would go a long way in helping cure my friend’s bad posture and back pain.

Specialized Cardio Activity

I suggested jogging in temperatures over 40 degrees and practicing shadow-boxing for an hour time three times a week, nonstop for twelve months – needless to say, my friend was in tip-top state of health that allowed him to run in such high ambient temperatures; and he followed an appropriate diet and hydration regimen.


The intense temperature and direct sunlight heated and loosened his back and shoulders muscles, while the shadow boxing restored natural mobility and elasticity to his upper limbs and reinforced his core body strength. Over time, this routine restored his posture back to normal and replenished his energy reserves and self-confidence.

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Fitness Experience

To give you an idea of my diverse experience in this area, I have trained with some of the best fitness and sports trainers in their fields.

  • Kick-boxing – I learned under the capable hands of the Lebanese and Pan-Arab champion
  • My Escrima mentor is the grandson of the Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete from the Philippines – the founder of this amazing martial art, Hall of Fame inductee and personal trainer of Bruce Lee.

In diet, nutrition and fitness coaching, I cooperate with a leading specialist in the GCC who supervises prominent businessmen and politicians including the ruler of a powerful Gulf sovereignty. I also have close ties with the top sports medicine and doctor of Olympic teams in Lebanon and the Middle East, in addition to his staff of physical therapists in Dubai and Beirut. In addition, I volunteered as a first-aider in the Lebanese Red Cross for 2 years during the latter years of the Civil War.

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Muhammad Ali K.

“No word can describe how grateful I am for Salt Life health coaching. You were very perceptive, on the mark and kind with what I needed to change in my life. Those fitness and nutrition plans were highly beneficial. My time with you has been well spent. You’re the BEST!”

Maryam A.

“I found Salt Life Coaching while searching for an improvement in my overall lifestyle. The health coach session was literally the answer to all my problems. I came out of the coaching courses satisfied and ready to embark on a new path!”

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