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Each member of our coaching team is genuinely tolerant and moderate in style. Three decades of thinking + actions + time + knowledge, learning and unlearning eventually boiled down to a few precious pearls of wisdom. That, in turn, has led us to believe in a Black or White or Right or Wrong; Yin and Yang way of life – The majority says that life is all about grey but that’s a narrow view of the world and an underestimation of God’s blessings and one’s own capability to soar.

Our approach is NOT judgmental; it discerns and separates what’s suitable from what’s not and what’s relevant from what’s not to your needs and goals.

We try to use keywords that profoundly represent my core skills, traits and beliefs. And, we’ll work with you to identify those unique qualities that make you stand out personally and professionally.

Keywords are not only effective in communicating a clear identity about yourself; they leave you with plenty of energy, time and capacity to take a step back and think strategically and to build and nurture relationships with third parties in addition to genuinely improving your quality of life.



  • I live and work in Dubai.
  • I enjoy traveling and have visited many countries from the North Pole to the deserts and the tropics.
  • I speak 5 languages and I’m an author who features on prominent print and digital media; one who has two but yet unpublished books to his name.
  • I have my own small business.
  • People say I’m very respectful and a terrific problem-solver (which I am).
  • I’m adventurous and athletic (I run and swim regularly and practice martial arts – I have a heartrate of 55 beats-a-minute, which I’m proud of!).
  • I was responsible for raising 4 of my siblings and for shouldering financial responsibilities of 2 households.
  • I’m an Aries and this probably explains the extremes I go to.
  • I’ve been living for 10 years in the U.A.E. and an additional 3 in Canada – that chapter of my life, warrants a website of its own!
  • I’m a good judge of character.
  • I value family life above any other and respect means the world to me. Any problem can be solved when people are respectful to each other, honest and well-intentioned.
  • Many, but not all, of the people who know me well-enough, say I’m agreeable and very easy to talk to.
  • I’ve visited these countries so far: Indonesia (Bali), Canada, Ukraine, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Syria.
  • Finally, I volunteered as first-aider with the Red Cross for three years.


  • Fluent in Arabic, English and French
  • Basic Spanish and Japanese


I’m a productivity consultant who executes innovative commercial strategies that boost corporate value proposition and profits, literally leaving the competition behind.

My legacy comes from a unique ability to assess an organizations’ marketing performance against potential, set goals, then work cross-functionally to identify inefficient marketing and management practices and re-align programs to expand markets, support field sales and distribution channels, improve customer insights and multiply top and bottom lines and market share.

I have worked with top decision-makers from 41 nationalities in 11 countries on 3 continents; and can adapt to different cultural backgrounds, personality types and management and negotiation styles. I proved myself capable of rallying a diversity of characters around coherent goals.

My strengths have contributed to successfully serving 105 assignments in the last 12 years as a consultant. On average, I placed my customers on 3-year growth curves that exceeded 60% a year in the first year after my employment. Half of this increase came from cost savings and the rest from a stronger market presence.

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  • Invited by CRÉ (Conférence Régionale des Élus de Montréal) to participate in a focus group (Forum Montréalais sur La Métropole) that was organized by Montréal Municipality and limited to a selection of delegates who explored international market gaps and expansion opportunities for the city of Montréal, concrete actions to implement its new strategic positioning and the relevant channels of distribution and promotion.
  • First-prize award winner ‘Festivale – Excellence in Marketing Campaigns’ awarded by REED Exhibitions (U.K.) and judged by renowned branding panellists W. O’Toole, Professor. A. Patching and D. Stewardson.
  • Recognition letter from the Swiss Embassy in the U.A.E. and the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Department.
  • 3 TV appearances on CNBC Arabia (leading business TV station) and INTV.
  • 15 feature articles published in prominent dailies (the International Herald Tribune and The Daily Star), business portals (such as and and magazines (Lebanon Opportunities and Training Middle East).
  • Keynote speaker at the Middle East Leisure Summit (summer 2006), organized by Terrapinn, (U.K.) and attended by CEOs of prominent businesses in Tourism and Real Estate in West and South Asia.


  • Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP) – Sales Consulting | Ministry of Recreation, Sports and Education, Québec, Canada, 2013.
  • Bachelor of Arts – Banking and Finance | Notre Dame University, Lebanon, 1997.
  • Economics Diploma | Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, 1993.
  • Participated in a 5-day ‘Brand Sense’ workshop instructed by Martin Lindstrom, a branding guru who counsels Multinationals such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s etc., Dubai, 2006.

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