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Case Study: Mentoring An Employee

Our executive coach mentored many of his employees and sent the most promising talents on fully-paid vocational training programs. A couple of them went on to have explosive career paths because of his guidance, support and encouragement.

Our Dubai guidance coach was proud of his protégés who went on to excel; Kamar, the chief security officer at the shopping mall was a case in point. This was a hard-working and decent man who had back injuries that limited his employment prospects in active service.

Salt’s coach recruited and trained Kamar to control and lead a team of 39 guards from 8 nationalities; a team riddled with cultural differences, conflicts of interests, complacency and fierce inter-personal rivalries.

He developed Kamar’s managerial skills in sales and customer service and encouraged him to boost his qualifications by enrolling an online U.S. program to become a certified security professional. It took Kamar two years to earn his degree and soon after, he resigned his position with the mall and went on to become regional sales manager (in three countries) for Tolin, a leading brand in security equipment. Kamar‘s career exploded from then on when he became personal security officer to a Gulf royalty.

 Case Study: Fitness And Wellness Coaching

Here’s an example of how our innovative thinking and experience in fitness and expertise in martial arts helped a client of ours who has a deformity in the spine change his life:

Physical Challenges

Our client had a 10-degree (mild) scoliosis of the dorsal spine curve which was worsening by 1 to 2 degrees a year. By 2006, despite his doctors’ recommendations of physical training and swimming, the curvature of his spine had exceeded 20-degrees. This further deformed his posture and brought with it dagger-like pains under the left side of his shoulder. His back felt as heavy as a lump of steel and as tight as a shell. This drained his energy reserves and severely impacted his sleep.

Training Regimen

Relying on our coach’s common sense and skills in martial arts, he came up with a training regimen that he felt would go a long way in helping cure our client’s bad posture and back pain.

Specialized Cardio Activity

Salt’s wellness coach suggested jogging in temperatures over 40 degrees and practicing shadow-boxing for an hour time three times a week, nonstop for twelve months – needless to say, our client was in tip-top state of health that allowed him to run in such high ambient temperatures; and he followed an appropriate diet and hydration regimen in addition to getting a full medical-check and approval beforehand.


The intense temperature and direct sunlight heated and loosened our client’s back and shoulders muscles, while the shadow boxing restored natural mobility and elasticity to his upper limbs and reinforced core his overall body strength. Over time, this routine restored his posture back to normal and replenished his energy reserves and self-confidence.

Testimonials – Corporate Clients


“…Overall I think the strategy proposed by the consultant to launch our products in the regional market was brilliant. Good luck for the future!”.

Communications Director
OXO (U.S. Multinational).

N. Shoucair

“… In addition to their skills in restructuring our sales, costing and pricing, the advisor streamlined our production processes. It was our pleasure having them part of our team”.

Patchi Industrial Company

H. Hauser

“… I would like to congratulate the consultant …for the Best Event Award and felicitate their efforts and innovative ideas”.

Consul General
Swiss Embassy

H. Shegefti

“… The performance of the advisor was outstanding. He has demonstrated clever foresight and re-built our brand from scratch without any delays and with consistent high quality”.

Sales And Marketing Director
Sheen International LLC

W. Khater

“… The professionalism and expertise enjoyed by the advisor causes us to mention its ability to find practical solutions to the problems and timely disposal of production inefficiencies that we faced in the past”.

Bonjus Dairy, Beverages And Juices.

P. Laurie

“… I am delighted you agreed to give a 15 minute presentation and then to participate in an informal 15 minute question and answer session with the other speakers”.

Conference Manager
Terrapinn Ltd. (U.K.) – Organizers of the Leisure Investment World Summit.

T. Hana

“…Our advisor played a major role in developing and establishing a new image for our venues… I would further certify that he is an invaluable asset in a place where untiring enthusiasm and active intelligence are called for…They spared no effort to justify the trust one would place in them”

Park Resorts

D. Khalil

“… The consultant’s solutions were meticulously written, well-documented and thoroughly analyzed. They demonstrated intelligent knowledge of economic and manufacturing and engineering concepts”

Managing Partner
Paragon Business.
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