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As a life coach, my gift to you is endless amounts of energy.

And the way I suggest is simple:

First, do the next one right thing that’s for the common good even if it seems at your expense and secondly, get your priorities straight and move forward one step at a time.

By doing the right thing, within the circumstances and regardless of the cost, you dig deeper within yourself and allow your positive qualities (such as resourcefulness and persistence and so on) to come out.

When you commit to reaching one milestone after the other (without being overwhelmed with irrelevant details), you ensure you’re always consistent, realistic and purposeful. By looking forward (not over your shoulder) and by growing organically (not artificially), you’ll feel good about yourself and uncover new opportunities that keep you optimistic and energized, no matter what.

Compassion is the one and only thing that glues this process together and makes it possible.

Life Coach Dubai

 I’m not taking a shot in the dark here as the majority of people are looking for compassion, but without realizing so. If compassion equates with weakness or timidness in someone’s mind, they’re probably currently lacking vision, guts and grit.

Peer pressure, complacency, ignorance, cowardice, malice, weakness, or jealousy are just a few of the factors that can hold people back in life without them even realizing. I’m not a certified therapist, psychologist or fitness consultant. What I am really good at is solving problems. I am a life coach.

I believe in an integrated way of life where the whole is made of the parts. Good emotional and physical health affects your professional life and vice versa. I’d strongly recommend you not to manufacture and share fake positive memories: emotions, achievements and failures must be authentic because, for me, the tyranny of positive thinking threatens personal development and happiness – as a matter of fact, fake positive thinking does not represent who you really are or what you can really do.

So, it’s OK to feel sad when you’re sad; And it’s OK to feel stressed when you’re under pressure and it’s good to feel happy when you’re happy. You don’t have to cheat yourself just to please others. Anyone who doesn’t want to stick around when you’re in less than ideal conditions is someone not worth having around in the first place.

I can effectively assist you to find the right work/life balance on five different levels:


 I use one tool, a common DNA between all five levels; to assist you reach your goals:
Having Assertiveness (A), Compassion (C) and Eloquence (E) have made the world of difference in my life and they will be beneficial in yours too. While the acronym may be “ACE” I prefer to think of it as “SALT” as it gives flavour and taste to food and life. Without salt, even the most visually appealing dish, or person, is bland and flavourless.

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 For twenty one years, I was focused on serving my interests, never selfish but always independent. If I didn’t believe I could add value, I wouldn’t be wasting my time, or yours. So, if you are serious about making a change for the better, you just need to read these words and decide if they make sense to you or not. Should you decide to get in touch with my life coaching service, I will already understand a lot about you.

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